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regenerd petition edition
| \|/ rndition Made this website-reboot aftreading web article coverage of citizen activisim in the UK petitioning Apple the company to change the features of and rename 'Nerd Emoji'. [ previously featured the emoji in question on the < title > of this page and has since been replaced with open hands emoji :] The petition illustrates to potential petition signatories and the petitioned, clear request reasoning with suggestion of a smiling glasses wearing face, minus the 'rabbits or rats' imagery. Apple is asked to rename 'Nerd Emoji' to 'Genious Emoji' and change it's face. This website's curaetor does not currently wear glasses but realistically at some time of life probably will like most everyone else. Glasses help people see better than than many others who don't wear them so what about "Helper Emoji"? Type in 'help' [where 'Nerd Emoji' is called 'Nerd Face'] and all you get is 'Pleading Face' emoji and thank you / praying hands together img. hmm If someone sitting next to You wears glasses and You do not and You are having trouble seeing something You can be sure the person next to You can help because they likely see better than You, because they are wearing glasses. Personally have not ever used it when text messaging a friend, (who actually wears glasses) in case it offended, - because of it's current design - but would not hesitate sending a re-worked and re-named emoji. Perhaps the petitioner has other useful and easy to implement change ideas? This citizen action is a splendid example that anyone and everyone can make a difference. wholeheartedly supports self determination by change initiators who rightfully object, citing 'upset and anger' and a real concern of an 'offensive and insulting' motif that could easily be changed. is purpose focussed, sharing publically available [internet sourced & cited articles & reports] on environmental regenerative strategy encouragement and positive action idea circulation. mentions of 'Helper Emoji' free to use if Apple doesn't like 'Genious Emoji';) 🧑‍💻 thanks for visiting p.s. article list update visit :: PB